A September retreat for women

Using the power of a modern fable for our time, The Queen’s Cloak (written by Joan Engelsmar Chamberlain), we will dive deep into the aspects of feminine power. Where have we become stuck? Where have we given our power away? Where and from whom do we need to reclaim power? And what will it take to untangle the threads of our lives and reweave them into a magic cloak that supports us to be who we truly are?

The story will be our map and we will explore through storytelling, art, ritual, movement and group work. During our time together you will be supported to identify your own crossroads, make contact with your shadow, learn to love what is and meet your inner wise woman. Together we will explore and expand the stories we are living in and the ones we’re living into.

This is a deep dive, an opportunity to take time out to reflect, to listen deeply and to be witnessed. You will be supported by a hosting team, and each of us will be part of the co-creation of our time together. We invite you to bring your stories, your art supplies, your dances, your music, your body practices and your burning questions about the state of your own, and our collective, current reality.

Your hosts

Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist, combining her love for storytelling with her flair for hosting space. Her art is creating and hosting spaces for people to find their most potent gifts to the world, both individually and together. This is a story she is delighted to share it now, at a time of transition and profound change for all of us, and especially women.

Thine Jensen has a passion for conversations that matter. At an academic level and in practise, she has a keen interest in the nature of language and how we construct our realities. She is an extremely strong communicator and listener with an eye for what’s going on in group interactions as well as on a personal level. At this intersection of communication and coaching, Thine’s key focus is in creating space for people to bring their conversations a deeper level.

Our venue

Our venue is the delightful “Between Space“, Mellem-rummet, a converted farmhouse and a place for spaciousness and well-being on the beautiful island of Samsø.  This is a place where time stands still and offers you the moment to experience peace, tranquility and the balance between body, mind and soul.

We invite you to join us & take time for yourself on beautiful Samsø. For more information & to register click here.