Eli Buren has been dedicated to the evolution of awareness since 1998, with specific trainings in yogic embodiment, spiritual practices, meditation, somatic studies and how these disciplines can be lived in a down to earth manner.  Eli has studied with a wide spectrum of teachers, including a six year engagement serving as one of David Deida’s teaching assistants. Currently Eli holds a private practice in San Francisco and leads workshops throughout America and Europe. He is gifted at guiding students into a deeper understanding of spirit, authenticity, and true presence, teaching how to live that with integrity through the body.

Men’s 4 day workshop with Eli Buren / 2016

Deltag For men, one of the ancient means of developing this refinement is in the company of other men committed to ...

Men’s 4 day workshop with Eli Buren – juni 2017

Deltag Wade beyond the surface ripples of mindless routine, false security, and endless tasks… dive into the deep mystery of being. ...