Michaelle Edwards has been involved with yoga, bodywork, and movement education for over forty years.  She is an author, musician, posture educator and director of the Kauai Yoga School in Hawaii. She created YogAlign, a pain-free method of yoga and self guided bodywork to give people tools to be aligned and fit from within without ever touching their toes.   With an emphasis on fascia tensegrity, psoas activation and tensional force balancing, YogAlign is a cutting edge paradigm shifter in the world of yoga, fitness, and bodywork. Michaelle is dedicated to giving people easy, inexpensive self-care tools to heal chronic pain and injuries using common sense techniques that work quickly and painlessly.  Her Change Your Posture Change Your Life retreats reawaken kinesthetic awareness blooming a sense of joy and lightness in all aspects of our being.




Change Your Posture – Change Your Life

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Deltag Ninety-five percent of pain in the human body is a result of poor posture Posture is the most important measure ...